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[text / sound]

We do not arrive in one piece. We can be both at once, oh sure, but we’re coming off in crumbs. Fewer pixels arrive every time. Someday there will be nothing left to dust off the tablecloth. You’ll squint at a screen & wonder.

This delicious, evolving mash-up is a collaboration

between me as writer/vocalist & harpist/sonic artist Úna Monaghan (UK/Ireland), combining live improvised performance with recorded soundscape. Spoken word mingles with sung moments, electronic sound collage & improvised harp accompaniment to bring lost people & geopolitical shifts to lyrical life. It’s a skewhiff symphony in ten movements -- a hymn for a flooded city, a lullaby for a missing brother & an immigrant’s post-Brexit prayer. On the surface it’s about the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland & the United States of America; flickering below is a spectrum of possible places in between & the impossibility of keeping still.

Dedicated to Mike Teevee (the patron saint of teleportation & impatience with being in one place at a time). With love for Stephen DeDakis, Richard Clarke & Tom Dart.

Photo by Ian Barry

Photo by Ian Barry

This collaboration premiered at Moving On Music’s JamJar series #5 (September 2016 at the Black Box, Belfast). Úna & I see F R E A K FLOODS as a linguistic soundscape, a musical essay, & a piece in flux: We're still experimenting with sound’s potential to fracture location & time, with the mix of American idiom & traditional Irish music, & with the overlap of fixed & improvisational aspects.